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This page was last changed on May 10, 2021, last checked on May 10, 2021 and applies to citizens and legal permanent residents of Canada.

1. Introduction

Our website, (hereinafter: “the website”) uses cookies and other related technologies (for convenience all technologies are referred to as “cookies”). Cookies are also placed by third parties we have engaged. In the document below we inform you about the use of cookies on our website.

2. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small simple file that is sent along with pages of this website and stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer or another device. The information stored therein may be returned to our servers or to the servers of the relevant third parties during a subsequent visit.

3. What are scripts?

A script is a piece of program code that is used to make our website function properly and interactively. This code is executed on our server or on your device.

4. What is a web beacon?

A web beacon (or a pixel tag) is a small, invisible piece of text or image on a website that is used to monitor traffic on a website. In order to do this, various data about you is stored using web beacons.

5. Third parties

We have made agreements about the use of cookies with other companies that place cookies. However, we cannot guarantee that these third parties handle your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. Parties such as Google are to be considered as independent data controllers. We recommend that you read the privacy statements of these companies.

6. Cookies

6.1 Technical or functional cookies

Some cookies ensure that certain parts of the website work properly and that your user preferences remain known. By placing functional cookies, we make it easier for you to visit our website. This way, you do not need to repeatedly enter the same information when visiting our website and, for example, the items remain in your shopping cart until you have paid.

6.2 Statistics cookies

We use statistics cookies to optimize the website experience for our users. With these statistics cookies we get insights in the usage of our website.

6.3 Marketing/Tracking cookies

Marketing/Tracking cookies are cookies or any other form of local storage, used to create user profiles to display advertising or to track the user on this website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes.

6.4 Social media buttons

On our website we have included buttons for Facebook to promote webpages (e.g. “like”, “pin”) or share (e.g. “tweet”) on social networks like Facebook. These buttons work using pieces of code coming from Facebook themselves. This code places cookies. These social media buttons also can store and process certain information, so a personalized advertisement can be shown to you.

Please read the privacy statement of these social networks (which can change regularly) to read what they do with your (personal) data which they process using these cookies. The data that is retrieved is anonymized as much as possible. Facebook is located in the United States.

7. Placed cookies





Google Analytics

Statistics (anonymous), Marketing/Tracking



Popup Maker

Purpose pending investigation

Cookie Notice for GDPR








Google Fonts



Marketing/Tracking, Functional, Statistics


Marketing/Tracking, Functional, Purpose pending investigation


Purpose pending investigation

8. Consent

When you visit our website for the first time, we will show you a pop-up with an explanation about cookies. You do have the right to opt-out and to object against the further use of non-functional cookies.

8.1 Manage your consent settings



You can also disable the use of cookies via your browser, but please note that our website may no longer work properly.

9. Your rights with respect to personal data

You have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

  • you may submit a request for access to the data we process about you;
  • you may object to the processing;
  • you may request an overview, in a commonly used format, of the data we process about you;
  • you may request correction or deletion of the data if it is incorrect or not or no longer relevant. Where appropriate, the amended information shall be transmitted to third parties having access to the information in question.
  • You have the right to withdraw consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice. You will be informed of the implications of such withdrawal.
  • You have the right to address a challenge concerning non-compliance with PIPEDA to our organization and, if the issue is not resolved, to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

To exercise these rights, please contact us. Please refer to the contact details at the bottom of this Cookie Policy. If you have a complaint about how we handle your data, we would like to hear from you.

10. Enabling/disabling and deleting cookies

You can use your internet browser to automatically or manually delete cookies. You can also specify that certain cookies may not be placed. Another option is to change the settings of your internet browser so that you receive a message each time a cookie is placed. For more information about these options, please refer to the instructions in the Help section of your browser. Or you can indicate your preferences on the following page:

11. Contact details

For questions and/or comments about our Cookie Policy and this statement, please contact us by using the following contact details:

Ben Baker
3246 Regent Street, Richmond, BC V7E 2M9
Phone number: (604) 604 512 7174

This Cookie Policy was synchronized with on May 10, 2021

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We would suggest that you have us interview other employees, suppliers, strategic partners and/or clients to add additional value and tell a richer and more robust version of your brand story.

Our expectation is that we will record and release your episodes monthly.

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Welcome to the communicate your why podcast network
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Types of Questions we ask on this podcast
We believe that the best interviews are candid and free flowing and with that, we never provide the exact questions that we will ask. Over the years, we have found that the best answers are never the ones you have prepared, but rather the ones that naturally flow during the interview. However, with that in mind, here are some broad concepts that we work with. 1. Tell me about the community you serve? 2. What ways do you give back to the community? 3. Why did you start your business and what was the big problem you hoped to solve? 4. Is that problem still a relevant one for your customers and if not, how have you evolved? 5. Where do you want to be in five years and why? 6. What types of clients do you provide the most value to and why? 7. Tell me about the people who work within your organization. What makes them a valuable resource to your clients and why? 8. What are the biggest challenges you have overcome as an organization and how has that enabled you to be a better resource to your clients? 9. What are the three biggest questions your clients continually ask you and how do you answer them? 10. What are the biggest problems you solve, for whom and what makes you great at doing this? 11. If I asked your favourite client to describe you and how you help them succeed, what would they say? 12. What is important to you and why? 13. Define your customer experience? 14. How do you define a successful working relationship with your clients?
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This podcast is designed to provide you with the answers to questions you may have never asked your dentist. To enable you to understand why certain procedures and best practices exist and help you not only to maintain a healthy mouth and gum system, but to find dental professionals that you can trust to take care of you and your family.
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Welcome to the Find Your Pro Show podcast. This podcast is where all great podcasts on the network begin. When someone has an idea to showcase a new vertical, we will test it here first and see how it resonates with the audience. Once we have gained an audience and can provide a consistent stream of valuable guests, we will create a separate show around the vertical and port these episodes over. Consider this where you go to find out what is new and up and coming on the network.
The Find Your Pro Show
Now that you own a home, insuring it and it’s contents becomes a necessity. The question is what level of insurance is right for you? How do you make sure that your most valuable asset is secure and that when something goes wrong, you are not only covered, but working with the right people who will take care of you and help make things right? This podcast brings the experts to you and gives you the insights you need to make the right decisions.
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How many of us have wanted to hear from the experts the strategies and insights they use to enable portfolios to grow and people to prosper? This podcast interviews those professionals and gives you a seat at the table to learn what to do and what not to do when planning for your future.
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Manufacturing within North America is growing. Many of the products that until very recently were being produced offshore are now being produced in cities and states nearby. This podcast will allow you to find out what is possible and how to turn your dreams into a reality. The guests of this show will provide best practices, concepts and ideas that will help you achieve your goals.
The Manufacturing Success Podcast
The difference between a good vacation and a great vacation is insider knowledge. Where to stay, where not to, when to travel and when not to and what are the most incredible things to see and do when you get there. This podcast brings the travel experts to you, and introduces you to people you can trust to take care of you every step along the way.
The Travelers' Show
You do not buy a house, you buy a home. The realtors on this show understand this and want to help you gain the knowledge you need to make the right decisions that allow you and your family to make memories in the home you buy for years to come. It is more than just price, it is about understanding total cost of ownership, neighbourhoods, best practices and things that you did not even realize that you needed to know.
Welcome Home Podcast
Welcome to the communicate your why podcast network
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Welcome to the communicate your why podcast network
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