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I believe that everyone has a story to tell, and I want to help you tell it.  Each one of us is unique and valuable, and has an audience that cares about us because we can help them achieve their goals.

That is what storytelling is about. It is a vehicle that builds trust and relationships and that is how business prospers. It enables the right people to listen, understand your value to them, and compels them to act, whether they are inside or outside your organization.

As a decade-long podcaster, two-time author and international keynote speaker, I have the tools and experience to help you tell your story authentically, to the right people in the right way.

I cannot wait to find out what makes you unique and valuable, and help you succeed and shine.


Podcast Host

Divya Parekh, a 10-time #1 bestselling author, business growth strategist, and motivational speaker, partners with high achieving business owners, experts on the rise, Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 leaders who are ready to play full out, experience the joy of impacting others, and expand their reach, business, and revenue.

Together, they play to build power positioning and recession-proof business through simplifying, strategizing, and scaling the business. Divya and her team have helped 158 authors and counting to become #1 bestselling authors and garner six-figure opportunities.

Divya is committed to helping people move through the transformational journey of becoming influential leaders for the rest of their lives! As a thought leader, she is a regular contributor to prominent publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, CEO World Magazine, International Coaching News. Also, Divya has been a radio personality and host for the past five years on multiple platforms.


Podcast Host

Howard is a Business Consultant and Leadership & Coach Development Coach. He works with Business Owners, Leaders, and Managers who struggle with individual and team leadership capabilities. His clients are organizations that have chosen to improve their organization’s leadership, management, and team culture. He is an accomplished LinkedIn expert. He coaches individuals and organizations in the 5-steps needed to create and grow theirs and their company’s ‘professional brand’ using LinkedIn.

In addition to his own practice, Howard works with Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) as a Career Development and Career Transition Consultant.

Howard has hosted and produced the Success InSight Podcast since 2019.  With over 265 episodes in the library, Success InSight consistently averages 7-9K views per month and 500 downloads. The podcast is available on major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, and Spotify. The podcast is organized into series, including the Outdoor Adventure Series, Consulting and Coaching Insights, Career Focus, Mindset Monday with Andrée Martin, Body, Mind, and Soul, Book Authors, and Children’s Book Authors


Podcast Host

Jonaed Iqbal is the Founder of and host of The NoDegree Podcast. He is also a co-founder of ACE Virtual events, a company that helps organizations bring virtual events to life.

He understands that the college route isn’t for everyone and is committed to helping people find meaningful career paths. He’s worked with over 200 candidates, many of whom have gotten jobs at places like Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Spotify, and other top companies.

Jonaed has a unique background. He was born in Bangladesh, moved to NYC when he was 3 years old, and learned English by watching cartoons on TV. He’s an avid networker, always looking to create meaningful connections with others – professionally and personally. Jonaed is a friendly and open-minded person, dedicated to his family and friends. People around him describe him as a kind, supporting, caring person, whose mission is to help others.


Podcast Host

Community, inclusion, and respect are at the core of Virginia’s multi-faceted personal and professional endeavors. Virginia is a respected community cultivator, a Best-Selling Author, a speaker, and a Real Estate Investor.

Virginia’s professional experience includes three decades of owning and managing businesses as well as coaching small business owners around the world. She also volunteers by developing engaged online health and social communities and some of the most influential organizations have honored Virginia for her community development skills, leadership abilities, and impressive results.

Virginia’s interview style uncovers the road to success stories that resonate with listeners.


Podcast Host

Wendy Harris is a telemarketing trainer with over 30 years’ experience in starting conversations. Giving corporate teams the skills for open communication with their customers, Wendy specializes in working with large tech and finance companies to generate more business opportunities. Every team training is personalized for each company’s objectives.

By giving the team the tools to start, nurture, and maintain customer relationships, they learn the key to generating and maintaining successful business. With an emphasis on opening and not closing deals, her method leads to a natural approach that results in trust. Helping create the best first impression unlocks the capacity to effectively communicate and sell more.

Through this training Wendy has launched her own podcast focusing on the importance of conversations after current customers commented on her tone of voice and natural ability to put people at their ease. Wendy has a British accent with a warm welcoming tone that encourages the listener to stay until the end.


Podcast Host

Simon Scholes is a former top track and field athlete who through serious injury found the world of radio and television whilst at university.

He spent 15+ years working in radio as a presenter, producer, and even running in-store marketing radio services for large international blue-chip companies.

6 years ago he founded Perception Studios which has gone on from strength to strength creating digital marketing content for local to international brands.

3 years ago through tragedy, Simon realized what he wanted to achieve in life and took principles he’d been using for his business and pushed them harder for smaller businesses, and so was born “How to 9 x your social media” and as part of that the social media podcast.

This is podcast has covered all subjects in business from content creation through to mindset and imposter syndrome. As well as speaking to business owners about how social media has affected their business and what they could do to improve their impact in their area of specialism.

Simon loves listening to people’s stories and helping them go further with the amazing value they have to offer their potential community.


Podcast Host

Chris Luecke is a Podcaster, Marketer, and self-proclaimed “Media Maverick” in the manufacturing industry. As the host of the podcast and video series Manufacturing Happy Hour, Chris interviews leaders in the industrial sector to simplify and explore the latest trends and technologies impacting modern manufacturers. His singular goal in podcasting is to help manufacturing and business leaders tell their stories to their ideal customer audience.

Chris recently left his sales job of 11 years with Rockwell Automation to pursue podcasting and marketing full-time. He now helps manufacturers and other industrial companies create lead-generating digital content and build dedicated customer communities.


Podcast Host

Russell L. Swanger III is a lifelong entrepreneur and creative. Through Going Boldly-U, he provides unique training for new business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in the forms of publications, keynotes, webinars, and live workshops, which help students quickly acquire the skills necessary to navigate the business world, grow their businesses, and make money. For companies that already have employees, Russ provides a rich experience designed to help them reach their business goals.

Russ is the author of 10 Essential SUPERpowers, Every Entrepreneur Needs to WIN the Day. This essential guide provides concepts and specific tools, used by Russ and other successful professionals, to Keep Going Boldly every day!

Through Going Boldly Success Coaching, Russ helps aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners make the transformations required to be able to experience the joyful and fulfilling lives they and their families deserve.

His latest creative project is the podcast, Going Boldly with Russ The BIG Guy through which he and his guests provide entertainment, education, inspiration, and transformation for listeners regardless of where they currently are in their journey.


Podcast Host

Nick Lamparelli is a 25-year insurance veteran. He has sold auto, homeowners, small businesses, large P&C policies, and specialty insurance. He is the co-founder, former Chief Underwriting Officer, and current Chief Innovation officer for a tech-centric Managing General Agency, reThought Insurance, which focuses on catastrophic and climate-related coverages. Nick is an active blogger and podcaster on insurance and insurtech. He lives in Naples, FL with his wife and 2 little boys.


Podcast Host

Julie has been managing corporate digital communications for the past 15 years. Originally from New York, she is currently based out of the Philadelphia area. However, she will be the first to say that once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.
She is the owner and operator of J Basello Media, a boutique firm helping entrepreneurs with their reinvention journeys through marketing, content creation and business coaching. She uses content creation and coaching to help small business owners learn the best ways to showcase their business.

In addition to being a professional photographer, Julie is also a corporate videographer, a writer/blogger, a social media management expert and the producer and host of two podcasts: Radwell Automation Nation, a podcast for business and manufacturing and Hey It’s Julie, a podcast of reinvention tips and stories. Her podcasts are available on all major podcast platforms.

Her goal in every endeavor is to use her talents to help small business owners grow in a way that is positive and memorable.

The TEST THE WATERS option is designed for companies on a limited budget or who would like to try the power of the Communicate Your Why program before committing.

It provides you with a reasonable amount of shareable content and access to our network. However, for most companies, this will not provide a full year's worth of marketing materials. If you purchase a TEST THE WATERS package and decide to upgrade within 30 days of the airing of your episode, we will credit 90% of the TEST THE WATERS package and credit it towards the purchase either a TELL YOUR STORY or EXPAND YOUR STORY package.

Our expectation is that we will release your episode within 30 days of the recording date.

The TELL YOUR STORY option is a basic yearly marketing package.

You will release an episode quarterly and use the content that accompanies it to update your marketing and keep it fresh. It is literally four times the amount of marketing materials as the TEST THE WATERS option. It enables you to tell your ongoing story, create case studies with clients, or talk about specific ways you add value to your clientele in a non-sales way, so that people listen to you, understand your value to them and are compelled to engage.

We suggest that you have us interview employees, suppliers, strategic partners and/or clients in order to tell a richer and more robust version of your brand story.

Our expectation is that we will release your episodes quarterly.

The EXPAND YOUR STORY option is designed as a monthly marketing solution.

It provides you with the content you require to stay top of mind with your clients and prospects, talk about ongoing developments and tell a more robust story. Again, if you purchase a TELL YOUR STORY package and decide to upgrade to a EXPAND YOUR STORY one within 90 days of starting the original TELL YOUR STORY package, we will credit 90% of the remaining balance towards the purchase price of the EXPAND YOUR STORY option.

We would suggest that you have us interview other employees, suppliers, strategic partners and/or clients to add additional value and tell a richer and more robust version of your brand story.

Our expectation is that we will record and release your episodes monthly.

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Types of Questions we ask on this podcast
We believe that the best interviews are candid and free flowing and with that, we never provide the exact questions that we will ask. Over the years, we have found that the best answers are never the ones you have prepared, but rather the ones that naturally flow during the interview. However, with that in mind, here are some broad concepts that we work with. 1. Tell me about the community you serve? 2. What ways do you give back to the community? 3. Why did you start your business and what was the big problem you hoped to solve? 4. Is that problem still a relevant one for your customers and if not, how have you evolved? 5. Where do you want to be in five years and why? 6. What types of clients do you provide the most value to and why? 7. Tell me about the people who work within your organization. What makes them a valuable resource to your clients and why? 8. What are the biggest challenges you have overcome as an organization and how has that enabled you to be a better resource to your clients? 9. What are the three biggest questions your clients continually ask you and how do you answer them? 10. What are the biggest problems you solve, for whom and what makes you great at doing this? 11. If I asked your favourite client to describe you and how you help them succeed, what would they say? 12. What is important to you and why? 13. Define your customer experience? 14. How do you define a successful working relationship with your clients?
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This podcast is designed to provide you with the answers to questions you may have never asked your dentist. To enable you to understand why certain procedures and best practices exist and help you not only to maintain a healthy mouth and gum system, but to find dental professionals that you can trust to take care of you and your family.
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The difference between a good vacation and a great vacation is insider knowledge. Where to stay, where not to, when to travel and when not to and what are the most incredible things to see and do when you get there. This podcast brings the travel experts to you, and introduces you to people you can trust to take care of you every step along the way.
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Welcome to the communicate your why podcast network
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